The Process

Energy Release is a collection of simple techniques for maintaining the personal energy field. Every person can do this, one does not have to be intuitive or specially gifted to notice their own light inside. ER is in part based on Dr. William Baldwin’s groundbreaking Spirit Releasement method. ER builds upon this method by incorporating techniques for reclaiming the energy field. If the field is cleared but not reclaimed then is will be disrupted again.

Energy Releasefocuses on three areas:

*Releasing energies from the field

*Reconnecting with the younger self that let the energies in

*Reclaiming and maintaining the personal energy field.

If you are wondering if you could become more aware of your energy field the answer is probably yes! Even those who are well-acquainted with energy work are often unaware of the disruptive energies within their fields because it is so easy to interpret them as “me” rather than “other”. A simple readiness to become more aware of yourself is all that is necessary, it is easy to sense your own inner light once you make space for this awareness.


ER can be done in one session as well as many sessions. To begin to clear the field ER focuses on physical sensations which are easily sensed by the client. We then use dialogue to help release these sensations in a kind and loving way. It tends to be that as one layer of energy is released it takes time for you to begin to reconnect with and reclaim your energy field. As the sense of your inner light grows you may notice other areas that become agitated or uncomfortable and ready for release. It become easier and happens more quickly as you develop your awareness. After some familiarity with Energy Release and a sense of how it feels to have a clear energetic field you can learn to release energies on your own.